Our mission consist of mobilizing the sum of our resources to ensure that we have attained the level of confident that has been granted to us, and to exceed the needs and expectations with our machines tools, and this for the metal transformation industry.


The history of 'Machineries B. V.' has started in 1974 with our two founders, Mr. Ben Boulanger and Mr. Claude Vignoul. After many years of growth and development this business which has been specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of metal transformation machines was sold for the first time in 2002 to Mr. Jean De Lafontaine and Mr. Alain Fortier. This business transaction towards two representatives working within the company has permitted an efficient transmission of know-how, and maintaining the same professionalism, and efficiency with Machineries B.V. Ltée.

Some ten years later history repeats itself. Since December 2011, Sébastien Bergeron, Vincent Allard and Francis Gélinas complete the shareholder team, and at the same time ensuring the company's continuity along with Alain Fortier. The shareholder procedure which has been adopted by the business has permitted an easy transmission of know-how, and competence toward a much younger team with the same dynamic level.

Since 2005 Machineries B.V. Ltée has made a considerable spring forward, and this most notably with the purchase of exclusive distribution contracts which were previously attributed to Machineries Gilles Lupien. This transaction has permitted to expand our family of products and services, and this has particularly answered the needs of the clientele in conventional machining, and numeric control shops.

Machineries B.V. has made its place in as much as the leader in the purchasing and selling of conventional and numeric control machines/ tools in Québec, and in the Maritimes, but as well throughout Canada and overseas. With its vast product selection this permits our business to answer rapidly to its numerous and diversified clientele demands. Our business counts upon a team of qualified sales reps who offers a service in answering all needs in the selling and buying of machines. Machineries B.V. has over 35 years of experience. This has permitted a huge selection of products which has reflected well for the company with its strong machine sales growth in the metal transformation market.

More than just sales Machineries B.V. offers repair services, preventative maintenance programs, and training upon the many different kinds of CNC machines. Our business employs specialized technicians answering all needs for conventional machinery and those with numeric controls.